About Us
Vetsoul Remedies Launched in the middle of the Country, i.e. in the Maharashtra, upholds certain set of beliefs & values and continues to operate with a definite philosophy. Therefore, apart from having wide range of excellent quality products, it gives equal emphasis on the “quality” of Customer Services. In view of that, it makes constant efforts to share the latest "Scientific Information" in the field of Animal Healthcare with the members of the Veterinary Profession. Simultaneously, it goes all out to provide the necessary “Education” at the grass-root level i.e. Farmers for maintenance of good health of the Animals.
At the same time, it follows the practices that are truly ethical in nature. This enables to become the core matter of the Organizational Philosophy which goes a long way in offering dignity to all and building trustworthy relationship. Animals are easily prone to serious life-threatening diseases if they are not being taken care, hence in such cases feed supplements are much beneficial to all types of cattle, animals, poultry birds, etc.
We are using a very stringent standards and specifications for raw materials to manufacture every type of formulations.
Vetsoul Remedies committed in the service of “Human Health Care and Animal Health Care” by providing excellent quality Products and the services that are superior in nature. Our core focusing area is Data Integrity, which makes us uncommon in the Veterinary world, thus our brands are trustworthy among all the customers, partners and Global and Domestic players.
With the research & development approach, we develop flawless range of veterinary Products. We ensure a strict manufacturing process and stringently get inspected our entire range on various quality parameters.
Few Advantages discussed of Vetsoul Remedies Products
  • Offering wide range of good quality veterinary products for Exports and Marketing.
  • Offering wide range of good quality veterinary products for Exports and Marketing.
  • Regular health and immunity of animal is being boosted up to very good level.
  • It significantly stimulates feed intake and enhances the metabolic activity of the animal, which results in to Anil weight gain, Reproduction and Healthiness throughout the life span of the animal.
  • A good balance of bound and free amino acids is present in the composition that increases the biological value of the protein. (Vital Amino Acids)
  • Better digestibility and efficient elimination of anti-nutritional factors improves the immunity of the animals.
  • Excellent in the improvement protein deficiencies, lower appetite, weight loss, poor growth, lower reproductive performance, reduced milk production etc.
  • Better digestibility and high concentration of protein in various forms reduces the cost of feed supplements.
  • Improved productivity, higher growth and better meat quality in animals.
  • Well-maintained quality of the product with the help of higher grammage of packing material which provides higher shelf-life of the product.
  • Backed by strong service support.
  • Professionally managed by experienced people.
  • Allows Area wise monopoly & make long term association.
  • Products are aesthetically packed and protected with all good standard Primary, Secondary, Tertiary packing materials.
  • Your business interest remains protected.
  • New products can be added on Demand.
  • Basic price is economically offered.
  • Brands with registered trademarks, thus there is no risk of brand clash.
  • Qualitative range of Veterinary medicines & Feed supplements.
  • Efficient and knowledgeable medical professionals.
  • Qualified machines and Validated products available with Vetsoul.